Additional Testimonials


Fort Worth:

"I have been afraid to have my eyes examined for over 15 years because of a very negative past experience, but I am so happy with the quality of services I received from Dr. Dao and her staff. I have very "difficult" eyes to prescribe for, and she was wonderful with my eye exam and understanding of my limitations during the exam. Although she had a family emergency that day, she took the time to do my eye exam for both glasses and contact lens first. I think she's exemplary of the best type of health care professional--one who puts her patients first. Her staff also worked very easily and well with me and with their O.D., Dr. Dao. It was the most pleasant eye exam I've ever had."
- Lily T.

"Dr. Dao was very concerned with my problems. After my glasses were made with her 'script, I could see better than I have been able to see in the past 10 years! Go girl! Also, the other ladies in the office were very helpful in my receiving my end results! I know of nothing that could be changed. The services were wonderful! "
- Ron L.

"The staff, as well as the doctor, were so friendly. They took such care to check to see if my insurance covered the things I needed to have done and I would highly recommend this office for an eye exam."
- Judy B.

"Dr. Dao was very professional, answered all of my questions, and expressed genuine concern for my visual health and wellness. Thank you, Dr. Dao! "
- Carlos Q.

"Professional, thorough, and friendly."
- Diane W.

"Overall, it was an excellent experience. Everyone was very helpful and knowledgeable."
- William F.

"Great place for eye work. Was in and out, with a friendly staff and doctors."
- Vangelina G.

"Fast and professional! "
- Phillip D.

"Wow. In Fort Worth, at some trainings, realized I could not see well... Last eye doctor before Saturday's had me wearing reading glasses. Now, my latest eye doctor has me in very comfortable lenses. Left eye for reading, right eye for distance! No more readers! If I were not from Raleigh, I would make these folks my go-to eye care professionals! Very delighted and pleased! "
- Robert A.

"Very impressed. First-time customer. This place has a great staff. Their customer service is top notch. I look forward to seeing them on our next visit. Awesome job! "
- Kingston K.

"Swift service. All the staff at this location from the technician to the doctor were very professional and friendly. The office was packed, but the staff got me in on time for my appointment and out in a reasonable amount of time. I will definitely go back. The exam was thorough, and everything was explained so well."
- Phoebe C.

Cedar Hill:

"Very professional and prompt team. I had no wait time and was in and out within an hour. Even had a follow-up the same day and didn't have to wait to speak to the doctor."
- Sedrick W.

"The front desk receptionist were very polite and I was not kept waiting for longer than 5 minutes. My eye doctor and the assistant were very knowledgeable on everything I asked and made me feel comfortable during my visit."
- Brandon A.

"Staff seemed to be fairly new, but sufficient. Dr. Lee was spectacular! She was very knowledgeable, informative, patient and super personable! My overall experience was very good! I have allready recommended Dr. Lee to my sister who also lives in the area. Adfitionally, I have an appt. for the 16th for dialation. I look forward to returning to InFocusVision! I also purchased my glasses next door at LensCrafters. Steven L.was wonferful! My total experience was great snd left me feeling confident that I had made the right choice for eyecare. Hopefully, when I pick up my new glasses they will stack up to my elevated expectations. Thank you for the opportunity to express my satisfaction with this experience. I have recently retired from 40 years in Sales and dealing with the public. InFocus and LensCrafters gets it! Thank yall! "
- Tracey G.

"I will continue to come here for my vision needs! Of course the first thing you see when walking in are the receptionist so always seeing smiles and an attitude focusing on customer service is preferred, but I know everyday can't be perfect. However they are excellent about getting you in on short notice and working with your insurance."
- Leviticus B.

"Very professional and helpful! "
- Cosme L.

"Great experience! First-time contact user."
- Sarah E.

"I always have a wonderful experience whenever I go. Great staffing service."
- Javier G.

"Prompt and superb service! "
‚Äč- Lateja G.

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